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A Wing and a Prayer October 9, 2009

Posted by castillion in Aion.
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I wonder how many flying/wing/angel puns I can make before I run out?

There was a lot more fun had last night in Aion. At least it seemed fun, I had a root canal earlier in the day so I may have still been high from the Novocaine.

Let me wrap up the last couple of days though.

on Wednesday night I crafted. I am halfway to Master Armorsmither now. I made a piece of armor that I am actually wearing. I’m perpetually poor. I say “I’m just going to do one more combine and save the rest of my money for skills” and then I spend all  my money on crafting and then wonder how the hell I am going to afford my skills. My actual skills I use to adventure….what the hell is wrong with me? I am spending hours just harvesting so I can maybe get a rare harvest to make one item. Instead of hoping for that rare weapon or rare piece of gear to drop, I find myself hoping a rare recipe will drop. I hold on to gear for way too long just because I made it and I charge way too much to actually sell it because I made it. Am I turning into a crafter?

I wish I had gotten more lucky with rare recipes. Right now I only have a recipe for one piece of armor I actually wear and I spent all my kinah leveling armorsmithing so I can’t afford any new recipes from the broker at the moment. Sigh.

Last night we were back in the saddle with grouping though. We started out with 5 of us.

Mcmad (me) – 29 Templar
Sinnir – 29 Cleric
Cadithial – 29 Ranger
Priya – 29 Sorcerer
Snappe – 27 Gladiator

The target? Kaidan Mines in Eltnen. Oh yeah. We all had a campaign quest to finish plus some other quests. They’re all elites, but how hard can it be, right? Well, it’s HARD. We died a few times, mainly because the place is crowded as hell right now and people train the shit out of you, or you pick up their mobs and wipe. We finally started going around the outer edge and avoided other people like the plague, that seemed to work better. We were able to finish the campaign quest, but Cadithial had to leave and 4 manning it really didn’t work out for us sooo, we’ll come back to those.

Priya, Snappe, Sinnir and I then decided to head to the Kyota Temple and try to get our keys for the next instance, Fire Temple. Sinnir and I were lucky on the drops and I leveled Mcmad to 30….new wings!!!! Thank god, they will almost double my flight time and they look cool as hell (pics to come soon).

While we were in Kyota a rift appeared, but it wasn’t a rift we could go into..oh no…it was a rift Asmodians came out of. There were about 30 Elyos there grinding though, so every time an Asmodian popped through the rift he was quickly turned into red mush. Occasionally, if there were enough Asmodians that came through, we would run up from our camp in the bottom of the temple and join in the Fray. We had a blast. Unfortunately, our last attempt at running out of the temple and surprising some unsuspecting Asmodians ended in our deaths as they got the better of us.

Tons of fun though.

This weekend I plan to work on my aether harvesting now that I have the extended flight time, craft myself a suit of armor, build up my kinah again, and maybe even level. See y’all there!



1. Zee - November 9, 2009

In level 23 now. 7 more to beat a whole lot of friends… :)
How long more to go? :(

2. Amelie - January 5, 2010

Wow! I just found your blog and read through the walkthroughs for some of the zones for EQ2 TSO. I just came back to the game from a long hiatus and the reviews were much better and more thorough than EQ2Wikia so I didn’t look like THAT big of a n00b to my group.

Great blog, hope to see more updates soon!

3. castillion - January 19, 2010

Thanks for the comment Amelie! I hope to have more updates soon :p

I’m back in EQ2 now, so hopefully you’ll come back abd find something useful here (or at least entertaing ;)

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