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Old Castillion had a farm and wishes he could pay someone to harvest it. January 29, 2010

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Finally! I got a little time to play this week.

Wednesday I had a short window of time and was able to run Emperor’s Athenaeum in Jarsath Wastes. As I’ve mentioned before, I really think this is a neat zone. I’m still enjoying it and the last fight is still cool as hell. It’s also one of the rare zones that I can still get an upgrade to drop for me, so there’s that too ;) The group was just sick. Berserker, Illy, Coercer, Inq, Troub and Brigand. I felt really badly for the tank. He was a good tank and a good sport about it all, but we severely overgeared him and there was no way for him to hold aggro. The illusionist is a friend of mine, and a total bad ass, so there was some friendly competition with the parse. I won (barely) ;) I was putting up 13k parses, which is good for me, although not my highest. That’s mainly because the freaking illusionist bogarted UT, asshole.

Last night, I actually had a nice long stretch of play time. Know what I did? I harvested! Yes, the whole night, I spent harvesting. Castillion’s skills are now all around the 320 range (including fishing omfg!). So, I should have them capped before the expansion and be able to meet that goal. I  had a lot of fun just relaxing and chatting. It was kind of a nice break. (and thanks to Ysharros I did pick up the harvesting quest, thanks for the reminder!)

The work I had planned for tonight was postponed, so I was able to sign up for the raid after all and I was slotted again! It looks like they put me back in the MT group. My fun days, well fun day, in the mage group is over. Damn it! I was going to show them all tonight! I even put my 4 piece bonus on to help the other mage’s DPS! WHY DO YOU TEASE ME SO WOLF/DD/OTHERPEOPLEWHOHATEME?!? I need a moment while I sit quietly in the corner and sob.

Of course I am kidding. The mage group IS fun, but the MT group is just as much fun and I really don’t care what group I’m in as long as I’m harassing these guys on the raid.

And um, hopefully we can get back into Kurns X2 this weekend, because I kind of let my instance expire and now I can’t take those screenshots of how to beat Sir Rouland like I promised. I’M SORRY, GOSH.

It’s been a long week and I am really looking forward to a nice relaxing night of virtually slaughtering all who dare oppose me. I don’t have anger issues, really I don’t.

Until next time, there will always be that one time.


Nobody Cares like a Bear. January 27, 2010

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I haven’t played yet this week, just been too busy. I also won’t be able to raid on Friday as I am scheduled to work, so this is going to be a pretty quiet week I guess. I’m a little bummed as all I’ve really wanted to do this week is turn the lights off, sit in the dark, and play on the computer for a few hours/days. Alas, ’tis not to be.

There was a rather titillating announcement from SOE yesterday. The EQ2 pvp battlegrounds was officially officially announced and will be included in the expansion. I’m of two minds about this whole thing, and it’s possibly because I really don’t know much about the pvp/battlegrounds implementation or how it will affect the pve side of EQ2.

One one hand, I really enjoyed battlegrounds in WoW. In fact, it’s about all I enjoyed and pretty much how I spent my time in that game after I leveled up, and I took several long breaks from leveling at the top of each bracket just to hit the battlegrounds. I loved capture the flag in Warsong Gulch, and I even had fun in Arathi Basin. Then again, I didn’t really get into the rest of WoW, so that may be why I enjoyed battlegrounds so much there. Also, pvp was always a part of WoW to me. There was always pvp gear to strive for and the ability to run into open world pvp at any given time. The fights were generally fun.

On the other hand, pvp was never something I searched out in EQ2. The extent of my pvp experience in EQ2 has consisted of duels (since I’m on a pve server) and duels in EQ2 last about 3 seconds as a coercer. Either I stun lock/debuff you and you are dead before you even get close to me, or you are immune/can cure my stun/mez effects and you smear me (hellooo Crusaders). 3 second fights are really not fun, and they really don’t qualify as “real” pvp to me. I can only assume they will put some damage adjustments in that lower damage in pvp and outlaw some abilities in pvp. I am just not sure how exactly it will work yet, I just hope they do something to make the zones fun.

Fun. That’s another thing that concerns me. I’d like the battlegrounds to be fun….but not required, or even beneficial, for the pve side of the game. I don’t want to have to grind battlegrounds to get some item that I need for my character to be more successful in raids or pve groups. Appearance armor? Titles? House Items? great! Wand of Uber Striking that increases a classes DPS by 300 in raid X? No, thank you, no. I am fine with getting rewards that are only useful in battlegrounds, but I think in the long run that may discourage people from casually participating in the battlegrounds when they know they’ll be facing people wearing “pvp armor” and will not be able to compete with them. I don’t know what the right balance is, but I do know that I don’t really want battlegrounds to taint/color the great pve game EQ2 is.

I’m also concerned about class balance. I am concerned that SOE will begin to “balance” classes based upon their performance in battlegrounds and those balancing acts will affect our characters in pve. WoW is/was guilty of this when I played. I don’t know what SOE’s official stance on this is, but I hope that they keep the pvp gear, balancing, and whatever else, in the pvp zones. PvP was always an afterthought in EQ2, you couldn’t even duel at release. I, personally, don’t want an afterthought to start coloring what EQ2 has done very successfully for 5 years now.

Then again, what do I know about EQ2 pvp? Exactly nothing. I have been a carebear my entire time in this game.

I guess my general feeling of the battlegrounds is that they will be a fun diversion as long as they are segregated from the rest of the “real” game. I’m cautiously optimistic and look forward to reliving the fun I had in Warsong Gulch. I guess maybe I’ll be leveling the Pally to 90 after all, because crusaders will be monster flag carriers!

Would you really try to take a flag from him?

I said no green M&Ms. January 25, 2010

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I was wrong about this weekend in my last post. It ended up being a rather slow, albeit productive, weekend of gaming.

It started on Friday, and as I mentioned previously, it was my big comeback to raiding. What a comeback it was.

First, let me mention that I was actually put into the mage DPS group! This has not happened to me much for two reasons. One, before I took my short vacation from EQ2, I was the Main Tank coercer for hate transfer, etc. Two, I already parse pretty well as a Coercer and, again before I took my break, I was a notorious for drawing aggro, oftentimes even over my hate transfer on the main tank, so putting me in the DPS group just meant I spent more fights dead. Two, putting me in the mage group wasn’t as exciting as it could have been since, while I did have a troub and an illy and benefitted from the passive buffs, I also had a wizard and a conjuror that hogged up all the good buffs like Upbeat Tempo. I am such a prima-donna. I am never satisfied. On the other hand, don’t these people know who I am? I am Castillion. Any buffs available should be immediately cast upon me, unless I deem the buff unworthy of me, or I feel particularly generous and allow another to be buffed. It’s really not that difficult, is it?

The night itself was freaking awesome. We started in Tomb of the Mad Crusader, the zone was cleared up to Xebnok so we smushed him. The we popped over to Ykesha’s Inner Sanctum, killed the Strange Stalker and Kultak the Cruel. Then we headed to Palace of the Ancient One, killed Xythus Aransta/Xythus Davian, Switchmaster, Abstalius, Tythus, and Pentaclypse. Yes, 8 named encounters in one night. When I took my Aion break, we couldn’t kill Switchmaster regularly, much less 8 encounters in one night. It was kick ass and these guys have really come a long way and I was amazed and proud to be there.

I performed fairly well. I managed to stay in the top 3 on the zw parse in each zone and was even #1 zw for one of them. I may not be able to parse 20k like our raid wizard, but I’m consistent damn it and if you slip up or goof off on a mob or two, I’m gonna pass your ass on the parse. I spend the entire raid trying to do parse higher on the next mob than I did on the last. It keeps me awake ;) Hate/aggro seemed to be MUCH better and I only died to drawing aggro a time or two, although I did have myself linked since I wasn’t anyone’s transfer. It was a really enjoyable night.

I had typed a large paragraph here ranting about people who think that I focus too much on DPS as an enchanter and it somehow prevents me from fulfilling my support duties (this is a huge pet peeve of mine). I deleted it and may make a separate post about it someday.

I didn’t win any loot, although a couple of pieces I wanted did drop. I didn’t mention, but while I was gone, CD switched over to a DKP system. Any long-time reader of this blog knows how much I have lobbied for them to switch to a DKP system, so I am very happy with this change. Unfortunately, since I haven’t raided since they implemented it, I wasn’t able to be competitive on loot bidding. This is exactly how this system is supposed to work and I’m glad to see it in place. I know I would have been a little upset if the roles were reversed and I, as a new coercer in the guild, had been raiding 3 months solid helping the guild progress, and then some old fucker I didn’t even know logged back in and came to one raid and beat me out of loot (in fact, that has happened to me). I like DKP because it rewards people who contribute the most first. People, like me, who don’t raid as often anymore, will still eventually be able to get the loot we want after the more hardcore raiders have it and there’s not as much competition for a given piece. It’s a more fair system and I’m glad to see it in place.

Saturday night Second String had planned on taking a group into VP to kill Hoshkar for Graybone’s final mythical update. Stormraven was kind enough to offer up an instance he had that had most of the trash already cleared, and he and his group offered to come along to help. We eventually ended up with 3 groups and Hoshkar wasn’t an issue at all. Graybone finished his quest and got his defiler mythical. Congratulations again Graybone! I hope to god it helps you be a better healer.

We had planned on grouping a couple of other raid zones after VP, but Sinnir’s video card had different plans and it was obviously wearing the pants that night because when it had its fit, we stopped playing.

Sunday was spent shopping for a new video card, installing it and then watching football. The Vikes lost and I don’t want to talk about it. I had planned on maybe working on Castillion’s expansion goals a little bit afterwards, but everyone wanted to play alts so I caved and then I eventually made a new wizard alt so one day I might be able to DPS like a real boy.

I’m really not sure what is on the agenda for this week, but I’m planning on it being pretty low-key and I’ll hopefully to get a few more of my pre-expansion goals for Castillion knocked out. I’ll let ya know how that works out for me.

I was just auto attacking, I swear. January 22, 2010

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It seems like complaining on my blogs has it’s benefits. You know that range item I bitched about losing in my last post? We we were back in Kurns Tower x2 last night, and Sir Rouland dropped it again, and I won it! The Gem of Emptiness and it is super hot, at least for another month ;)

We cleared to the last named again, but were unable to drop him. I think we’re getting close though and may get him down before the expansion. It’s pretty much a matter of understanding how to swap the possessions around and getting enough DPS to drop everything, maybe I can throw a mez or two in there. Also, speaking of Sir Rouland, I’ll post the strat for him this weekend, since any post mentioning him is pretty popular. Unfortunately, I kind of need screenshots to explain it well and I just haven’t captured them yet.

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy in game. Tonight, I’ve signed up for, and been slotted into, my first raid since coming back from Aion. It’s really cool of Crimson Dragons to slot me, as they’ve got a plethora of coercers now. They even put me in the caster DPS group! Thank god I’m a tinkerer and have my own repair bot, I’ll be needing it ;) I’m actually looking forward to seeing how the raid aggro has changed. I’m hoping I will be able to go balls out without dying as much since before I left, one cocky sneer at the mob was enough to earn me a trip to dirtsville.

Saturday, Second String is getting together to kill Hoshkar for Graybone. SOE changed Veeshan’s Peak while we were gone so you no longer have to kill the dragons in order. We’ll just skip right to Hoshkar and hopefully have a new Defiler mythical. The plan for now is to one group him, but I hope we’ll have a few more people come along with us for the giggles. We killed Xygoz with 9, so I feel pretty confident that we’ll take Hoshkar down.

Outside of that, I’ll continue working on my pre-expansion goals. They’re actually coming along fairly nicely. I’ve finished up about 10 collection quests that are queued for turn in, and I’ve completed about 8 quests that are ready for turn in as well. I’ll finish up a couple more of the Kunark quests I had lying about and hopefully will have 2 or 3 heritage quests ready for turn in on release day. I still have quite a bit of harvesting to do before I’ll have my skills maxxed out (ok ok, they are all at 90), and that’s super important for me to get done before the expansion as I’ll be needed the new rares for spells.

There’s a lot to do and I like it like that!

Planning ahead and posting slowly. January 20, 2010

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Now that you know about Aion, what have I been doing since I’ve been back in EQ2?

It started with a bang I guess. Our first night back we 4 manned the first named in SoH. Then I visited the Shard of Love. We ran a ton of TSO zones for kicks. We went back into Kurns x2 zone and killed everything but the last named which was a complete shocker. The last time I was in there we couldn’t get past Sir Rouland the second named in the zone. I lost on a nice range item while we were in there by the way, just mentioning it. I’ve one grouped WoE for plat, which was very effective and I will probably try to do this a few more times before the expansion hits.

I’m still not certain why people are wasting plat buying gear when we are so close to an expansion. In all of EQ2’s previous expansions that included a level cap raise, gear was pretty much replaced immediately by green quest rewards. I’m not going to complain though and maybe they know something that I don’t. Personally I am stockpiling my plat until I see where I stand after the expansion.

I did manage to complete one of my goals, Castillion my 80 Coercer main, is max AA now. He’s about 90% mastered (anything important) and the last master I really cared about is being researched, although this will all be for naught too as I’ll have to totally remaster once expansion hits. What does that leave to do before the expansion?

Well, as silly as it sounds, I’d like to get Castillion’s harvesting skills maxxed. Castillion was my third level 80 toon, and my other 80s were max level harvesters so I never did raise Castillion’s harvesting. I really couldn’t have predicted that I’d fall in love with the coercer class like I did. So, all of his harvesting skills are in the low 90s. Not good. I definitely have to get those to max level before the expansion hits and I’ve been working on that since I’ve been back.

I’m also considering maybe starting a real tradeskill on Castillion. I know. Close your mouths. It’s a possibility, a slight one. Castillion is a max level tinkerer, but Sinnir did that for me. I’m thinking maybe it’s time I fleshed him out with a real tradeskill.

I take it back. Writing the above paragraph gave me the heebeejeebees. Castillion will not be learning a tradeskill ;)

That leaves three major goals, max out all of my harvesting skills and rebuild my plat stash to a comfortable level so I can purchase some masters and perhaps some gear upgrades quickly into the expansion, and complete as many quests as I can and not turn them in until release day. That might get me a full level within the first few minutes of the expansion.

(Early prediction, of the three goals listed above, the only one I will complete is maxxing out my harvesting. I know me too well.)

Another thought, I wonder how most people will be leveling from 80 to 90? Will everyone set their XP slider to max adventure XP and hit 90 as fast as possible? Set it at 50% to get some AA along the way? Hmm, decisions decisions. I am guessing I’ll probably get to max level before anything else.

Well, after I wrote my rough draft of this post, I decided I wanted to change it into a “planning for the expansion post” and started to rewrite it. Then I read Stargrace’s post on the subject and she totally ripped off the thoughts in my head. Thusly, I’ve decided NOT to rewrite my post since it would be a shallow comparison of hers (damn her early posting!). Instead, I shall make a list of things I plan to do before the expansion. Please feel free to disregard anything written above this list.

So, my list of things to do before the expansion:

  • Max Castillion’s Harvesting
  • Don’t forget to put my recruit-a-friend bonus XP mount on Castillion!
  • Claim all my XP potions, unfortunately I used them all up on Castillion and all my other 80s have theirs. Damn it.
  • Claim my LoN XP bonus cards.
  • Make sure I have my vitality refiller vet reward claimed.
  • Earn 300 – 400 more plat.
  • Stargrace is probably right, buying cheap shines right now might be a good idea. However this goes against my “hoard my plat before the expansion” idea. Not sure what to do on this front yet.
  • Finish at least 10 quests and have them ready for turn in. (never gonna happen but it’s on the list).
  • Catch an illness that legitimately will keep me out of work until I am level 90, but that will not prevent me from playing EQ2 or harm me permanently, or perhaps I should win the lottery.

The most important being to win the lottery.

Back and grounded. January 19, 2010

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I’m not going to get all cocky and shout things like “I’m back bitches!” or anything because that really didn’t work out so well for me last time. I will say this, I miss blogging and I miss you guys. I just haven’t had it in me to write much lately. The break has been nice and hopefully has regenerated whatever area of my brain that spouts off nonsense on this page. I hope to be a little more regular with my postings again, so those of you who have actually been bugging me about picking this blog back up (yes, there’s actually been more than one!), you can all GET OFF MY ASS.

Ok, all better.

What have I been up to? The last you heard from me I was happily spending time with my Asian mistress, Aion. How is it now? Did I leave my long term relationship with SOE permanently and move in with the beautiful newcomer?

No, we broke up. January 13th was my last day in Aion. I came crawling back to EQ2 with my hat in my hand begging for forgiveness. What’s that? You want all the gory details? You want the blow-by-blow? The blood? The guts? The tears? Well, let’s pretend that you do for the purpose of this blog. Here’s the story of my love affair with Aion, and where it all went wrong.

First, let’s set the scene. The level cap in Aion is 50. My character was a level 49 Templar (tank) and a level 399 Armorsmith. I lead a legion there and, when everyone left to return to their previous ltr, Taylona, Sinnir and I joined an established legion in Aion. I finished all of the campaign quests and tanked every instance in the game except for the Dredgion and Dark Poeta, raided the forts and I had over 2000 pvp kills. I did not have the highest number of kills on the server, nor the best gear, nor raid all the time, but I think I had enough time and effort invested in the game to form a pretty solid opinion of it.

(I’d like to take an aside here to say thank you to the legion Adult Content on the Marchutan server. We really enjoyed our time with you guys. We had lots of fun and lots of laughs and we’ll definitely miss you guys. Anyone looking for a guild in Aion would be lucky to join up with that bunch.)


levels 1 – 35

1 – 35 was fun for me. The game seemed pretty smooth. There was a good balance between questing and grinding mobs, with some group content thrown in there. There’s one instance at level 25, Nochsana Training grounds, that is probably one of the better instances in the game (not a huge feat since there are so few instances, more complaining about this later). I couldn’t bring myself to repeat it on an alt, but I had fun.

Levels 35 – 40

Again, I had fun at this level. We did a lot of grouping because you start your first gear “grind” at this level with the Krall Molar quests. Each toon needs 750 or so molars to get all the armor, one molar drops off each mob you kill. That means for a group of 6 you’d have to kill 4500 Kralls to get the whole group the armor. I probably killed more Kralls than that actually, as I tanked it for Priya, Sinnir and I, and we joined Adult Content and I tanked it for many of the guildies there. However, although it was somewhat of a grind, I really didn’t mind it and had a lot of good nights hanging down there mindlessly killing Krall Elites. The armor wasn’t THAT much of a grind and is definitely within reach for anyone in that level range.

Levels 40 – 45

These levels went fairly quickly for me, but the grind is definitely in full effect. Luckily the first of the three double XP holiday weekends caught me about about level 44 and this really helped me get through this level range. I had been through several instances by this point, and you hit the first of what I’d call “major” instances, Steel Rake. I’ll talk more about the instance later though.

Levels 45 – 49

Ugh. Grindfest. Again, luckily I had two double XP holiday weekends during this time which really helped me get through these levels. We did lots of Steel Rake, lots of campaign quests, and we ventured into one of the end level instances, Theobomos Laboratory, the rest was done grinding mobs in Indratu or soloing running the platinum coin repeatable quests.

That was enough for me, and I’ll talk about some of the good and bad now.

The Good:

PVP –  I liked Aion’s pvp for the most part. Fights generally felt balanced and fun. I did quite a bit of pvp in the Abyss, a few fort raids, and a lot of rifting, both in groups and solo. The Abyss (the massive FULL pvp zone in Aion) was pretty empty, although I hear that there was some good action in the core. I never made it to the core because I really was not geared well enough to be super competitive there. At least, I didn’t feel as if I was. Solo rifting (traveling to enemy faction lands to pvp) was probably where I had the most fun. I had a lot of good 1v1 and 1v3 or so fights there. Group Rifting was just a mass slaughterfest and the poor people who were questing really never stood a chance, don’t get me wrong, I had fun, but I don’t think they did.

The graphics –  I know it’s the most common thing said about this game, but I though the characters and character creation were just gorgeous. It probably kept me playing much longer than I would have otherwise. I wish that EQ2 had this type of character creator and this type of graphics. I’d never stray again.

The combat and combat animations –  I enjoyed the “chain skill” type of combat. It felt very interactive and I felt like I had meaningful choices during a fight. The combat animations are just freaking amazing and, even after 49 levels, I never got tired of watching my tank kick ass.

The Aion DEV/Community relations team –  These guys took/take a lot of shit and get beat up like I would if I were to go to a Hell’s Angels bar and give a rousing sermon on the benefits of the new Suzuki Boulevard M109R, but I really think they are trying to improve the game. That being said, there were a lot of issues with the game that probably should have been addressed before release and a lot of functionality that really should be standard in modern mmos (spam filtering, need before greed rolling, guild management tools, etc.)

The Bad:

Lack of High Level Content/The Grind. NCSOFT seemed to think that putting long tedious grinds in the game is equivalent to having lots of content since it will take you forever to get anything done. Here’s a heads up guys, grind =/= content. It just doesn’t.


Let’s take a look at what there is to do at level 50.

  • Theobomos Laboratory (instance) – We cleared this instance our first time into the zone at level 49. It took us over 5 hours. That’s right, it took us over 5 hours to clear the instance and you know what we got off the boss of the zone? Nothing. It didn’t drop anything besides a little coin. Talk about a kick to the nuts. Now, I am sure we could have shaved some time off of this instance if we were geared better and took more DPS along with us. However, even at 3 hours, it’s quite the committment.
  • Dark Poeta (instance) – Level 50 required so I never did run this. I heard good things about it though.
  • The Dredgion – Aion’s PVPVE instance. It takes about an hour. It’s fun.
  • Rifting – Wasn’t much fun at level 49+ because it’s basically going over to the opposing faction’s land and slaughtering bots or people who are questing until they get a group together to kill you. I rifted a lot, and I had fun, but it’s not enough by itself.
  • Abyss PVP – fun, for a while.
  • Solo grinding kinah/platinum abyss points – I don’t like solo grinding anything and this is ultimately why I left.

So, for upper level content, that’s what we have to choose from. 2 instances, 1 pvpve instance, and a bunch of solo stuff. Let’s leave off the fact that one of the instances, Theo Labs, is much too long to be a viable thing to do more than once on a weekend, or the fact that they both have lockouts, or the fact that the dredgion is only open once per day during my play time, and let’s say I had all of those options available to me all the time, how long do you guys think that amount of content kept me entertained? The answer is not very long. I know Aion is new, and I know it takes time to get the kind of high level content that a game like EQ2 has, I understand that. I am just not willing to keep paying while I’m waiting for it if I am not having fun with what is available to me.

Item Grind:

Remember how I mentioned earlier that you’d need to kill 750 mobs for your full suit of blue level 35 armor? Well, let’s talk about what it takes to get some gold level 45+ armor.

  • Platinum Coin armor – approximately 12,000 mobs for one piece of armor, and 24,000 mobs for weapon or shield. So, for a full set or armor you’re looking at 144,000 mobs approximately. Yeah…..no thank you.
  • Steel Rake Suit – each piece requires 30 trips into Steel Rake, and most of them can’t be done consecutively. That’s about 40 – 60 hours of instance running per piece. 200 – 300 hours spent in Steel Rake for the suit. Again, I’ll pass.
  • Abyss (pvp) Armor – probably the easiest to get really, but it’s a TON OF GRINDING Abyss points. People did it and I’m sure that if I had participated more in fort seiges I would have maybe even had a piece. Maybe.
  • Miragent’s Quest. – I can’t speak on this as this is post level 50. I saw a lot of people that had this armor, so I know it’s doable. It wouldn’t  have been doable for me immediately because of the cost involved with each piece and the fact that you needed to be 450 in a tradeskill and I was stuck at 399 due to Aion’s idiotic expert quest for Armorsmithing, but I digress.
  • Level 48 Gold Expert Crafted Armor – yeah good luck with that. I still think seeing a full suit of that, at this point in the game, would be miraculous.

Tradeskilling –  Now, I am no tradeskiller, I admit that. I DID however tradeskill in Aion! That’s a positive testament that at least tradeskilling is fun or mindless enough to be doable by the masses. It was also useful for a while as I actually wore/am wearing some of the armor I crafted. However, it soon got to the point where the scarcity of anything resembling loot in this game drove the price of armorsmithing beyond the reach of those of us not investing in outside sources of kinah or that don’t have a fairly large legion feeding us mats/money to level. The tradeskill quest to advance to expert armorsmithing was also ridiculously hard/expensive, at least until there are more high level people getting more high level drops so that we can actually afford to buy the materials for high level armor.

That’s it in a nutshell for me.

Also, notice I did not include flight in either of those lists? Yeah, your character has wings, and yeah your character can fly….in the Abyss. Oh there’s a point here or there in the game where you can fly as well, but really it just turned out to be a rarely used gimmick for Aion. It WAS cool, and gliding was even fun, but ultimately it wasn’t any different and didn’t give you any more freedom than having a mount does in most other games. I will say however, that flying out to kill a named or pvp in a huge group, seeing everyone’s wings outlined against the breathtaking scenery, ok THAT was awesome.

So, I ran back to the always willing arms of SOE. I logged Castillion back on and Sasspanz and Anep were back and we were all quickly causing havoc as Second String again. I got Castillion his last 3 AA, so he’s 80/200 now. Saw some of the new zones, some of the old zones, some of the new x2 content….all of which I will talk about later. I won’t be raiding much for the next few months most likely, so I’ll be talking more about the group stuff I do and less bitching about all the loot I lost. I hope I have some great stuff to say about the upcoming expansion as well.

See ya soon!