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Planning ahead and posting slowly. January 20, 2010

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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Now that you know about Aion, what have I been doing since I’ve been back in EQ2?

It started with a bang I guess. Our first night back we 4 manned the first named in SoH. Then I visited the Shard of Love. We ran a ton of TSO zones for kicks. We went back into Kurns x2 zone and killed everything but the last named which was a complete shocker. The last time I was in there we couldn’t get past Sir Rouland the second named in the zone. I lost on a nice range item while we were in there by the way, just mentioning it. I’ve one grouped WoE for plat, which was very effective and I will probably try to do this a few more times before the expansion hits.

I’m still not certain why people are wasting plat buying gear when we are so close to an expansion. In all of EQ2’s previous expansions that included a level cap raise, gear was pretty much replaced immediately by green quest rewards. I’m not going to complain though and maybe they know something that I don’t. Personally I am stockpiling my plat until I see where I stand after the expansion.

I did manage to complete one of my goals, Castillion my 80 Coercer main, is max AA now. He’s about 90% mastered (anything important) and the last master I really cared about is being researched, although this will all be for naught too as I’ll have to totally remaster once expansion hits. What does that leave to do before the expansion?

Well, as silly as it sounds, I’d like to get Castillion’s harvesting skills maxxed. Castillion was my third level 80 toon, and my other 80s were max level harvesters so I never did raise Castillion’s harvesting. I really couldn’t have predicted that I’d fall in love with the coercer class like I did. So, all of his harvesting skills are in the low 90s. Not good. I definitely have to get those to max level before the expansion hits and I’ve been working on that since I’ve been back.

I’m also considering maybe starting a real tradeskill on Castillion. I know. Close your mouths. It’s a possibility, a slight one. Castillion is a max level tinkerer, but Sinnir did that for me. I’m thinking maybe it’s time I fleshed him out with a real tradeskill.

I take it back. Writing the above paragraph gave me the heebeejeebees. Castillion will not be learning a tradeskill ;)

That leaves three major goals, max out all of my harvesting skills and rebuild my plat stash to a comfortable level so I can purchase some masters and perhaps some gear upgrades quickly into the expansion, and complete as many quests as I can and not turn them in until release day. That might get me a full level within the first few minutes of the expansion.

(Early prediction, of the three goals listed above, the only one I will complete is maxxing out my harvesting. I know me too well.)

Another thought, I wonder how most people will be leveling from 80 to 90? Will everyone set their XP slider to max adventure XP and hit 90 as fast as possible? Set it at 50% to get some AA along the way? Hmm, decisions decisions. I am guessing I’ll probably get to max level before anything else.

Well, after I wrote my rough draft of this post, I decided I wanted to change it into a “planning for the expansion post” and started to rewrite it. Then I read Stargrace’s post on the subject and she totally ripped off the thoughts in my head. Thusly, I’ve decided NOT to rewrite my post since it would be a shallow comparison of hers (damn her early posting!). Instead, I shall make a list of things I plan to do before the expansion. Please feel free to disregard anything written above this list.

So, my list of things to do before the expansion:

  • Max Castillion’s Harvesting
  • Don’t forget to put my recruit-a-friend bonus XP mount on Castillion!
  • Claim all my XP potions, unfortunately I used them all up on Castillion and all my other 80s have theirs. Damn it.
  • Claim my LoN XP bonus cards.
  • Make sure I have my vitality refiller vet reward claimed.
  • Earn 300 – 400 more plat.
  • Stargrace is probably right, buying cheap shines right now might be a good idea. However this goes against my “hoard my plat before the expansion” idea. Not sure what to do on this front yet.
  • Finish at least 10 quests and have them ready for turn in. (never gonna happen but it’s on the list).
  • Catch an illness that legitimately will keep me out of work until I am level 90, but that will not prevent me from playing EQ2 or harm me permanently, or perhaps I should win the lottery.

The most important being to win the lottery.



1. stargrace - January 20, 2010

Be thankful those were the only thoughts I stole from your head….. @.@ It’s a scary scary place in there.

2. castillion - January 20, 2010

Yes, it’s scary, much like the vast emptiness of space can be overwhelming.


3. Ysharros - January 20, 2010

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but pick up the Mara harvesting quests. The money is piddling but the cloak you get at the end is quite nice (with more harv bonuses) and it’s a signature quest, if you chase that sort of thing. Also gives status if memory serves (which it usually doesn’t).

You, crafting? Aaaahahaha! that’s like me saying I’m going to start raiding next week.

…. don’t hold your breath.

4. I was just auto attacking, I swear. « Blackmoon's Rising - January 22, 2010

[…] complaining on my blogs has it’s benefits. You know that range item I bitched about losing in my last post? We we were back in Kurns Tower x2 last night, and Sir Rouland dropped it again, and I won it! […]

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