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I was just auto attacking, I swear. January 22, 2010

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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It seems like complaining on my blogs has it’s benefits. You know that range item I bitched about losing in my last post? We we were back in Kurns Tower x2 last night, and Sir Rouland dropped it again, and I won it! The Gem of Emptiness and it is super hot, at least for another month ;)

We cleared to the last named again, but were unable to drop him. I think we’re getting close though and may get him down before the expansion. It’s pretty much a matter of understanding how to swap the possessions around and getting enough DPS to drop everything, maybe I can throw a mez or two in there. Also, speaking of Sir Rouland, I’ll post the strat for him this weekend, since any post mentioning him is pretty popular. Unfortunately, I kind of need screenshots to explain it well and I just haven’t captured them yet.

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy in game. Tonight, I’ve signed up for, and been slotted into, my first raid since coming back from Aion. It’s really cool of Crimson Dragons to slot me, as they’ve got a plethora of coercers now. They even put me in the caster DPS group! Thank god I’m a tinkerer and have my own repair bot, I’ll be needing it ;) I’m actually looking forward to seeing how the raid aggro has changed. I’m hoping I will be able to go balls out without dying as much since before I left, one cocky sneer at the mob was enough to earn me a trip to dirtsville.

Saturday, Second String is getting together to kill Hoshkar for Graybone. SOE changed Veeshan’s Peak while we were gone so you no longer have to kill the dragons in order. We’ll just skip right to Hoshkar and hopefully have a new Defiler mythical. The plan for now is to one group him, but I hope we’ll have a few more people come along with us for the giggles. We killed Xygoz with 9, so I feel pretty confident that we’ll take Hoshkar down.

Outside of that, I’ll continue working on my pre-expansion goals. They’re actually coming along fairly nicely. I’ve finished up about 10 collection quests that are queued for turn in, and I’ve completed about 8 quests that are ready for turn in as well. I’ll finish up a couple more of the Kunark quests I had lying about and hopefully will have 2 or 3 heritage quests ready for turn in on release day. I still have quite a bit of harvesting to do before I’ll have my skills maxxed out (ok ok, they are all at 90), and that’s super important for me to get done before the expansion as I’ll be needed the new rares for spells.

There’s a lot to do and I like it like that!



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