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Nobody Cares like a Bear. January 27, 2010

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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I haven’t played yet this week, just been too busy. I also won’t be able to raid on Friday as I am scheduled to work, so this is going to be a pretty quiet week I guess. I’m a little bummed as all I’ve really wanted to do this week is turn the lights off, sit in the dark, and play on the computer for a few hours/days. Alas, ’tis not to be.

There was a rather titillating announcement from SOE yesterday. The EQ2 pvp battlegrounds was officially officially announced and will be included in the expansion. I’m of two minds about this whole thing, and it’s possibly because I really don’t know much about the pvp/battlegrounds implementation or how it will affect the pve side of EQ2.

One one hand, I really enjoyed battlegrounds in WoW. In fact, it’s about all I enjoyed and pretty much how I spent my time in that game after I leveled up, and I took several long breaks from leveling at the top of each bracket just to hit the battlegrounds. I loved capture the flag in Warsong Gulch, and I even had fun in Arathi Basin. Then again, I didn’t really get into the rest of WoW, so that may be why I enjoyed battlegrounds so much there. Also, pvp was always a part of WoW to me. There was always pvp gear to strive for and the ability to run into open world pvp at any given time. The fights were generally fun.

On the other hand, pvp was never something I searched out in EQ2. The extent of my pvp experience in EQ2 has consisted of duels (since I’m on a pve server) and duels in EQ2 last about 3 seconds as a coercer. Either I stun lock/debuff you and you are dead before you even get close to me, or you are immune/can cure my stun/mez effects and you smear me (hellooo Crusaders). 3 second fights are really not fun, and they really don’t qualify as “real” pvp to me. I can only assume they will put some damage adjustments in that lower damage in pvp and outlaw some abilities in pvp. I am just not sure how exactly it will work yet, I just hope they do something to make the zones fun.

Fun. That’s another thing that concerns me. I’d like the battlegrounds to be fun….but not required, or even beneficial, for the pve side of the game. I don’t want to have to grind battlegrounds to get some item that I need for my character to be more successful in raids or pve groups. Appearance armor? Titles? House Items? great! Wand of Uber Striking that increases a classes DPS by 300 in raid X? No, thank you, no. I am fine with getting rewards that are only useful in battlegrounds, but I think in the long run that may discourage people from casually participating in the battlegrounds when they know they’ll be facing people wearing “pvp armor” and will not be able to compete with them. I don’t know what the right balance is, but I do know that I don’t really want battlegrounds to taint/color the great pve game EQ2 is.

I’m also concerned about class balance. I am concerned that SOE will begin to “balance” classes based upon their performance in battlegrounds and those balancing acts will affect our characters in pve. WoW is/was guilty of this when I played. I don’t know what SOE’s official stance on this is, but I hope that they keep the pvp gear, balancing, and whatever else, in the pvp zones. PvP was always an afterthought in EQ2, you couldn’t even duel at release. I, personally, don’t want an afterthought to start coloring what EQ2 has done very successfully for 5 years now.

Then again, what do I know about EQ2 pvp? Exactly nothing. I have been a carebear my entire time in this game.

I guess my general feeling of the battlegrounds is that they will be a fun diversion as long as they are segregated from the rest of the “real” game. I’m cautiously optimistic and look forward to reliving the fun I had in Warsong Gulch. I guess maybe I’ll be leveling the Pally to 90 after all, because crusaders will be monster flag carriers!

Would you really try to take a flag from him?



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