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Old Castillion had a farm and wishes he could pay someone to harvest it. January 29, 2010

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Finally! I got a little time to play this week.

Wednesday I had a short window of time and was able to run Emperor’s Athenaeum in Jarsath Wastes. As I’ve mentioned before, I really think this is a neat zone. I’m still enjoying it and the last fight is still cool as hell. It’s also one of the rare zones that I can still get an upgrade to drop for me, so there’s that too ;) The group was just sick. Berserker, Illy, Coercer, Inq, Troub and Brigand. I felt really badly for the tank. He was a good tank and a good sport about it all, but we severely overgeared him and there was no way for him to hold aggro. The illusionist is a friend of mine, and a total bad ass, so there was some friendly competition with the parse. I won (barely) ;) I was putting up 13k parses, which is good for me, although not my highest. That’s mainly because the freaking illusionist bogarted UT, asshole.

Last night, I actually had a nice long stretch of play time. Know what I did? I harvested! Yes, the whole night, I spent harvesting. Castillion’s skills are now all around the 320 range (including fishing omfg!). So, I should have them capped before the expansion and be able to meet that goal. I  had a lot of fun just relaxing and chatting. It was kind of a nice break. (and thanks to Ysharros I did pick up the harvesting quest, thanks for the reminder!)

The work I had planned for tonight was postponed, so I was able to sign up for the raid after all and I was slotted again! It looks like they put me back in the MT group. My fun days, well fun day, in the mage group is over. Damn it! I was going to show them all tonight! I even put my 4 piece bonus on to help the other mage’s DPS! WHY DO YOU TEASE ME SO WOLF/DD/OTHERPEOPLEWHOHATEME?!? I need a moment while I sit quietly in the corner and sob.

Of course I am kidding. The mage group IS fun, but the MT group is just as much fun and I really don’t care what group I’m in as long as I’m harassing these guys on the raid.

And um, hopefully we can get back into Kurns X2 this weekend, because I kind of let my instance expire and now I can’t take those screenshots of how to beat Sir Rouland like I promised. I’M SORRY, GOSH.

It’s been a long week and I am really looking forward to a nice relaxing night of virtually slaughtering all who dare oppose me. I don’t have anger issues, really I don’t.

Until next time, there will always be that one time.



1. Caladwen - February 2, 2010

Grats on getting those harvesting skills up (especially fishing! haha)!

2. Aeyanna - February 2, 2010

E I E I O …

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