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I wasn’t talking about the ring. February 23, 2010

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OK. It’s been a week. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “What the FUCK Castillion? Where’s the fucking post? Have you even PLAYED the new expansion? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK MAN?”

First off, calm down.

Secondly, yes I have played a bit, although not as much as I would have liked. Work has kept me extremely busy and that’s a good thing as Sinnir is keeping us in the bills. It’s like she’s afraid we might run out or something. (I kid, I love you honey).

Here’s an update on Castillion then. I am currently level 86 with 205 AA. What do I think of the new expansion? Honestly, I haven’t seen much of it. The first few days, the lag was terrible. Spell lag of a few seconds just kills me (literally and figuratively). It was as bad as it was when TSO was released, it’s like SOE learned nothing from the TSO release. We got the typical response of “Well there’s so many people in the new zones, the zones can’t handle it.” Newsflash SOE, EQ2 has been out for 5 years, you have a good idea what the population of new zones is going to be, plan accordingly. You really can’t use the “we didn’t expect so many people” unless you are just releasing a new game. I know you guys like to use things from other games, but that excuse is really not something you can “borrow”.

That being said, I tried to do a few of the quests in Paineel, got annoyed and went and soloed Chelsith. It turned out Chelsith was pretty good XP at level 82.

We managed to get a semi-SS group together (me, Anep, Rhesus, Taylona, along with two guildies) and were one of the first in the guild to clear the Vasty Deep: Conservatory zone. It was a lot of fun and a pretty zone. We even killed the last named in there. Unfortunately nothing really interesting dropped. I then proceeded to fill Stormraven (PLP) in on the strats for the zone as he went in a few hours after us. He cleared the zone got 3 masters, an awesome fabled cloak and a cool as hell looking dagger. What a bitch. See if I tell you strats again asshole.

Friday night I was sick and didn’t feel like doing much really, I couldn’t even bring myself to raid, so I popped into Chelsith and soloed it again. Ding level 84.

Saturday I signed up for a p.u.g. for another one of the new zones in the hole Demitrik’s Bastion. It was an interesting zone but we didn’t finish the whole thing, it seems to be rather large. There was a cool SK boss flying around on a Pegasus. That was pretty awesome. Saturday night I had to work all night, so I was back in Chelsith soloing in between working periods. That finished out level 86 for me.

Sunday Sinnir wanted to celebrate all my overtime by going to the Mall of America, so I didn’t get any playtime in Sunday night as my typing hand was tired from opening and closing my wallet all day.

We raided last night, so I didn’t get any time in the new zones either. I just haven’t been able to explore them much. I should be able to get out and poke around a bit tonight. I plan on hitting level 90 by Sunday at the latest. That’s a reasonable goal I expect.

I’m not going to go into the gear and spell upgrades (or lack thereof) right now as I am just not sure what my upgrade path is going to be yet. I guess I will eventually fill out my expert spells so I can research the new masters, it’s just a little frustrating that the new expert teir expert level spells are worse than my previous teir masters. There’s not a lot of reason to upgrade. I also haven’t found a lot of reason to upgrade my gear, although I’ve seen an interesting piece here or there. I’ll write more about this though in a couple weeks when I’ve got more of an idea about the gear and have spent some time in the instances. Right now, I don’t understand the fact that none of the gear has any resists at all on it and why I’d want to wear the gear if it doesn’t have any resists. I just don’t get that.

Anyway, I’ll be out looking to group tonight, I hope to have  an intersting story about one of the new zones to talk about tomorrow.

Until then, keep it secret, keep it safe.


I will be one of the noobs asking how to zone into the new zones. February 16, 2010

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Here I am at work. Sinnir is at home happily exploring the new expansion, riding around on her new mount, sending me text messages telling me how cool everything is. What.The.Hell. I hope she enjoys rubbing it in my face because I get to play tonight while she’s at work and I will do the same thing. Ah, the joys of marriage and having a permanent person to poke fun at.

I promised an update today before I got home and logged into the expansion and forgot my blog exists, so let’s revisit my goals and my progress on them.

Goal Number One: Max Castillion’s Harvesting

This was the first goal I completed. It will probably end up being one of the more important goals now that new Adept 3 spells will be in demand and thusly pricey.

Goal Number Two: Get my XP bonus stuff in order

I actually did very well on this. I found some old bonus xp potions buried in Castillions bank. I have the vet reward item that allows me to refill my vitality to 100% once per week. I claimed about 4 LON xp potions before I realized that claiming them before I needed them was pretty stupid and I stopped claiming them. I also spent some time playing Legends of Norrath and won about 4 more xp potions and a potion that will refill my vitality. I probably have enough potions to get two characters to 90.

Goal Number Three: Earn 300 – 400 more plat.

This did not happen and all the plat I did earn I spent on adornments and shinies so I’m pretty much entering the expansion about 20 plat richer than I was when I made this list. It’s kind of a bummer because I wanted to gobble up all the coercer masters as soon as they hit the broker.

Goal Number Four: Finish off some Collections

This also went very well and I have about 40 collections ready to turn in.

Goal Number Five: Finish at least 10 quests and have them ready for turn in. (never gonna happen but it’s on the list).

I surprised myself on this goal. I finished about 10 solo quests that I had lingering around in my journal and yesterday Anep, Taylona, some other guildies and I ran about 10 shard quests so I have approximately 20 quests to turn in this evening.

Goal Number Six: Win the Lottery

Another surprise. I did win the lottery and am currently waiting on my yacht to be delivered and my mansion to be built.

All in All, Castillion is more prepared heading into this expansion than any of my toons have ever been. It’s kind of a nice feeling. However, personally I am the most unprepared for an expansion I have ever been. I have purposely not read a ton about the zones, I did not take advantage of my beta invite, and I really don’t have much of an idea what to expect beyond generalities and class AA (which I obviously HAD to know about ;) I think this was mostly due to my experience with Aion and researching so much about the game and playing so much in beta that by the time live launched was I completely over the pre-level 30 experience. I want some surprises and I want to be a little lost for a week or two.

It should be fun!

We’re famous. February 13, 2010

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One of my guildmates has been recording our raids and posting them to youtube. For your viewing pleasure:

Does it count as a date if I invite you to the group? February 12, 2010

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Allright, so who the hell decided to release the expansion so near to Valentine’s day? This is either SOE’s attempt to break up relationships so poor single schlubs have more time to play EQ2, or it’s the single greatest moment of planning in the history of gaming. Our significant others are all fatted up with chocolate and lovin’ and are more understanding and forgiving of us ignoring them for the next week. Genius, pure Genius.

It’s been a relatively quiet week although I’ve managed to squeeze some playtime in and even finish up some of my pre-expansion plans AND finish a long time goal that was purely egotistical that I have been putting off for a long while.

First, the raiding. I tagged along with the Dragon’s to Palace of the Ancient One on Wednesday night. We killed everything up to, and including, Mynzak (Munzok? No, Mynzak is in Palace, right? Seriously guys, stop fucking with us with this whole naming scheme.) Anyway, we killed a bunch of stuff. I spent my first DKP and got Abstalius’ hot little range item for minimum bid. It pays to come to the party late.

Last night I finished off a quest I’d been wanting to finish for some time. Vanity decreed that Castillion needed to have the title “the Ebon Dragon”. This is a long painful faction grind that was released with the DoF expansion. At least, I thought it was a long painful faction grind for the first 25k or so faction that I did repeatable missions for. Last night when I went back, I decided that killing every monk I met was a much faster way to raise faction and I had 50k and my title in no time.

The rest of my time has been spent finishing up some quests and grouping with random strangers. I managed to get closer on several of my pre-expansion goals. I mentioned that I was planning on calling in sick from work Monday, as it turns out Monday is a holiday for all of us Government employees, so I am off and it’s legal. I’m planning on getting up early and running as many TSO shard missions as I can so they’re ready to turn in on Tuesday. That will probably be good for a half level and an AA or two. We can hope. I’ll write ya Tuesday and do a final reveiw of my pre-expansion goals.

I’ve got more raiding tonight. I’m not sure where we’re headed off to, but I’m sure I’ll manage to annoy at least a couple of people. Happy Valentines day to everyone who celebrates it, and my condolences to those that do not.


On an unrelated note, I like beer. February 9, 2010

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Real life kicked my ass this weekend between a sick wife, 14 hours of work scheduled, and the Superbowl. I still don’t understand the thought behind planning a change that goes from 10 PM on Saturday until 4 PM on Sunday on Superbowl weekend, then again, ’tis not for me to wonder why. Anyway, I didn’t log on at all Saturday or Sunday, Friday was quite the busy night though.

I logged in Friday for the raid. We headed back into Munzok’s Material Bastion and killed the first set of named with little trouble. The second named kicked our ass for the next couple of hours, which was a little discouraging. I really don’t think he’s that hard, we just could not manage to kill his adds. It seems pretty simple really, pull named, kill his adds when they pop, win. We weren’t hitting on all cylinders that night it seemed. I felt my blood pressure rising so I had a few beers and suddenly it wasn’t so bad.

EQ2 is solely responsible for my drinking problems, obviously.

Afterwards, we gathered up two groups and headed to VP for Anep’s Templar mythical. (Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that as well. Anep betrayed his Inquisitor Azznep to a Templar on Thursday.) So, Thursday night we completed his fabled epic and his first mythical update. Friday he was able to get in on a pick up raid for the Overking, and Friday night we two grouped Hoshkar and he got his mythical. We followed the two grouping of Hoshkar up with a two grouping of Venril Sathir to get another guildie his final mythical update on his alt Coercer.

I didn’t sign up for the raid tonight because the weather here in the Great White North is horrible and I may be playing chauffeur later on. It’s shaping up to be another slow week.

The good news is we are getting very close to the expansion. I’ve preordered mine and Sinnir’s. $70 for the Collector’s Edition for an expansion…….seems a little pricey..but I paid the $140 for both so I guess I’m part of the problem.

Oh well, you can’t take it with you when you’re gone and my kids can earn their own ;)

Stuck on that whole lottery thing. February 4, 2010

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I’m here and here’s the happenings!

I was able to raid again on Friday. the guild started out with Munzok’s Material Bastion, but h-o-l-y hell the lag in that zone was unbearable. I guess there was an issue with our special quest reward earring that SOE has since patched. We quickly ported out of there and shot over to Miragul’s Planar Shard. Now, I think this was our first time to give MPS a real go. We managed to push the first three named over with little resistance and then stalled on the fourth named until time ran out. I had a lot of fun and it was nice seeing a new zone. I managed to bank a few more DKP, so I might be able to get some loots one day! Speaking of that, my RL situation that has been keeping me from raiding as much seems to be coming to an end, so I might be back to a more regular raiding schedule soon.

I was also able to finish Castillion’s harvesting, so he’s now 400 in all the harvesting skills. He’s also got a shiny pink and green butterfly cloak to show for it……yay..? I also finished a couple of quests, so let’s revisit my pre-expansion goals and see how I am doing on them.

  • Max Castillion’s Harvesting
  • Don’t forget to put my recruit-a-friend bonus XP mount on Castillion! (no reason to do this after all helps if I’m mentoring and I do that on Saynt mostly, and Saynt’s been pling alts a lot this past week)
  • Claim all my XP potions, waiting till last minute on this for some reason. I need to claim the TONIGHT.
  • Claim my LoN XP bonus cards. see above.
  • Make sure I have my vitality refiller vet reward claimed.
  • Earn 300 – 400 more plat. This is not going as well as I had hoped. I can hopefully still get a couple hundred plat in.
  • Cheap shinies (in progress). – Currently have 36 collection quests ready for turn in.
  • Finish at least 10 quests and have them ready for turn in (in progress). (never gonna happen but it’s on the list). – Surprise! I already have 9 quests ready to turn in and will likely finish 3 to 4 more.
  • Win the Lottery.

I started writing this yesterday and wasn’t able to finish, so I’ll pick it back up today like nothing ever happened.

I raided last night! A mid-week raid! Hopefully, things in the real world have settled some and I can raid a bit more now. We killed Mynzak last night, and up to Gynok in TotMC. We didn’t take Gynok down, but I feel like we’re close. I am hoping we’ll drop him before the expansion. My 5th piece, the helm, dropped but I was outbid on it. The good news is I am slowly costing people enough DKP that I might be able to win something soon ;)

I am expecting raiding and raid signups to slow a bit after the expansion while everyone concentrates on leveling, but we’ll see. I am trying to convince Second String to take the day before the expansion off so we can run every shard mission zone and have all the missions ready to turn in on release day, but their level of dedication appears to be lacking. Priorities people!

That’s all the new for now. I expect tonight to be relatively quiet and then hopefully I’ll be raiding again on Friday. As always, you’ll hear about it here first.