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On an unrelated note, I like beer. February 9, 2010

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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Real life kicked my ass this weekend between a sick wife, 14 hours of work scheduled, and the Superbowl. I still don’t understand the thought behind planning a change that goes from 10 PM on Saturday until 4 PM on Sunday on Superbowl weekend, then again, ’tis not for me to wonder why. Anyway, I didn’t log on at all Saturday or Sunday, Friday was quite the busy night though.

I logged in Friday for the raid. We headed back into Munzok’s Material Bastion and killed the first set of named with little trouble. The second named kicked our ass for the next couple of hours, which was a little discouraging. I really don’t think he’s that hard, we just could not manage to kill his adds. It seems pretty simple really, pull named, kill his adds when they pop, win. We weren’t hitting on all cylinders that night it seemed. I felt my blood pressure rising so I had a few beers and suddenly it wasn’t so bad.

EQ2 is solely responsible for my drinking problems, obviously.

Afterwards, we gathered up two groups and headed to VP for Anep’s Templar mythical. (Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that as well. Anep betrayed his Inquisitor Azznep to a Templar on Thursday.) So, Thursday night we completed his fabled epic and his first mythical update. Friday he was able to get in on a pick up raid for the Overking, and Friday night we two grouped Hoshkar and he got his mythical. We followed the two grouping of Hoshkar up with a two grouping of Venril Sathir to get another guildie his final mythical update on his alt Coercer.

I didn’t sign up for the raid tonight because the weather here in the Great White North is horrible and I may be playing chauffeur later on. It’s shaping up to be another slow week.

The good news is we are getting very close to the expansion. I’ve preordered mine and Sinnir’s. $70 for the Collector’s Edition for an expansion…….seems a little pricey..but I paid the $140 for both so I guess I’m part of the problem.

Oh well, you can’t take it with you when you’re gone and my kids can earn their own ;)



1. Gamereaper - February 10, 2010

Mmm Shiner Bock.

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