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Does it count as a date if I invite you to the group? February 12, 2010

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Allright, so who the hell decided to release the expansion so near to Valentine’s day? This is either SOE’s attempt to break up relationships so poor single schlubs have more time to play EQ2, or it’s the single greatest moment of planning in the history of gaming. Our significant others are all fatted up with chocolate and lovin’ and are more understanding and forgiving of us ignoring them for the next week. Genius, pure Genius.

It’s been a relatively quiet week although I’ve managed to squeeze some playtime in and even finish up some of my pre-expansion plans AND finish a long time goal that was purely egotistical that I have been putting off for a long while.

First, the raiding. I tagged along with the Dragon’s to Palace of the Ancient One on Wednesday night. We killed everything up to, and including, Mynzak (Munzok? No, Mynzak is in Palace, right? Seriously guys, stop fucking with us with this whole naming scheme.) Anyway, we killed a bunch of stuff. I spent my first DKP and got Abstalius’ hot little range item for minimum bid. It pays to come to the party late.

Last night I finished off a quest I’d been wanting to finish for some time. Vanity decreed that Castillion needed to have the title “the Ebon Dragon”. This is a long painful faction grind that was released with the DoF expansion. At least, I thought it was a long painful faction grind for the first 25k or so faction that I did repeatable missions for. Last night when I went back, I decided that killing every monk I met was a much faster way to raise faction and I had 50k and my title in no time.

The rest of my time has been spent finishing up some quests and grouping with random strangers. I managed to get closer on several of my pre-expansion goals. I mentioned that I was planning on calling in sick from work Monday, as it turns out Monday is a holiday for all of us Government employees, so I am off and it’s legal. I’m planning on getting up early and running as many TSO shard missions as I can so they’re ready to turn in on Tuesday. That will probably be good for a half level and an AA or two. We can hope. I’ll write ya Tuesday and do a final reveiw of my pre-expansion goals.

I’ve got more raiding tonight. I’m not sure where we’re headed off to, but I’m sure I’ll manage to annoy at least a couple of people. Happy Valentines day to everyone who celebrates it, and my condolences to those that do not.




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