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I will be one of the noobs asking how to zone into the new zones. February 16, 2010

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Here I am at work. Sinnir is at home happily exploring the new expansion, riding around on her new mount, sending me text messages telling me how cool everything is. What.The.Hell. I hope she enjoys rubbing it in my face because I get to play tonight while she’s at work and I will do the same thing. Ah, the joys of marriage and having a permanent person to poke fun at.

I promised an update today before I got home and logged into the expansion and forgot my blog exists, so let’s revisit my goals and my progress on them.

Goal Number One: Max Castillion’s Harvesting

This was the first goal I completed. It will probably end up being one of the more important goals now that new Adept 3 spells will be in demand and thusly pricey.

Goal Number Two: Get my XP bonus stuff in order

I actually did very well on this. I found some old bonus xp potions buried in Castillions bank. I have the vet reward item that allows me to refill my vitality to 100% once per week. I claimed about 4 LON xp potions before I realized that claiming them before I needed them was pretty stupid and I stopped claiming them. I also spent some time playing Legends of Norrath and won about 4 more xp potions and a potion that will refill my vitality. I probably have enough potions to get two characters to 90.

Goal Number Three: Earn 300 – 400 more plat.

This did not happen and all the plat I did earn I spent on adornments and shinies so I’m pretty much entering the expansion about 20 plat richer than I was when I made this list. It’s kind of a bummer because I wanted to gobble up all the coercer masters as soon as they hit the broker.

Goal Number Four: Finish off some Collections

This also went very well and I have about 40 collections ready to turn in.

Goal Number Five: Finish at least 10 quests and have them ready for turn in. (never gonna happen but it’s on the list).

I surprised myself on this goal. I finished about 10 solo quests that I had lingering around in my journal and yesterday Anep, Taylona, some other guildies and I ran about 10 shard quests so I have approximately 20 quests to turn in this evening.

Goal Number Six: Win the Lottery

Another surprise. I did win the lottery and am currently waiting on my yacht to be delivered and my mansion to be built.

All in All, Castillion is more prepared heading into this expansion than any of my toons have ever been. It’s kind of a nice feeling. However, personally I am the most unprepared for an expansion I have ever been. I have purposely not read a ton about the zones, I did not take advantage of my beta invite, and I really don’t have much of an idea what to expect beyond generalities and class AA (which I obviously HAD to know about ;) I think this was mostly due to my experience with Aion and researching so much about the game and playing so much in beta that by the time live launched was I completely over the pre-level 30 experience. I want some surprises and I want to be a little lost for a week or two.

It should be fun!



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