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About me?


I’m a geek. I’m a nerd. There, I’ve said it.


I like to pretend I’m cool. I try to be suave. I smile and wink at the ladies (don’t tell my wife). I’ve done cool things in my life… own/ride motorcycles, ranch work, pool leagues, other various pursuits I do not feel comfortable with putting down here for posterity to review.  


It was all a show however, for deep down I am really just a nerdy guy who is most comfortable sitting around with close friends and family drinking and talking about/playing games. I spend most of my free time at home with my wife, spending our time online playing with friends. Outside of that, I love reading and writing.


There was a time when I thought I would pursue writing and author the World’s Next Great Fiction Novel. However, over the years the imagined accolades of the critics have slowly faded from my mind and my youthful zeal for the pen faded with them.


So, here I am in the blogosphere, hoping to rekindle that spark of imagination with exercise or, in the very least, have some outlet for my energy while I am at work. It can only help, even if I am typing to myself! I am a latecomer to the blogging world. I never felt like I had anything interesting enough to say that would warrant a blog and sharing it with the world. However, after reviewing many blogs and becoming a secret reader of many authors, I realized it’s not about sharing with the world, it’s more about sharing with myself. I am not writing the blog for others as much as I am writing it for myself. I think of it as self-improvement, challenging myself to daily (or sort of daily) communication.


This blog will be primarily about my exploits in Everquest2. I will talk about my friends, the zones we do, the strategies we use, cry about lost loot rolls, cheer the successes of my guild, etc etc. I know I have enjoyed reading the various gaming blogs and the exploits of the authors, so I hope that I can provide something like that. I do reserve the right to drift off on wild tangents at times though.


Here’s a thanks to all you author’s out there that inspired me to start writing a blog of my own.


Well met.



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