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Bot the Farm? Maybe. February 12, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Guitar Hero, Second String.
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So, I still didn’t beat Schism. I played Guitar Hero too much before the raid last night I guess because when I stopped, my vision was all blurry. Has anyone else experienced this?

I guess I played a few too many sets. It shocked me a little though that my vision was so drastically affected. I couldn’t read my screen at all for 10 – 15 minutes.

I need to learn moderation.

The raid last night was Tomb of the mad crusader. There’s not a ton of new stuff to mention about this raid. We are clearing the first two named pretty easily now, and we made some great progress on the named snake last night. Judging from how the guild progresses generally, I would say we are very close to beating the snake.

Things were really quiet the rest of the night. Anep is out of town, Sass was offline and Snappe had logged early. We grabbed up a guildie alt tank and a couple of other guildies and Tay, Sin and I ran OoA as it was the daily double.

I know…OoA…we haven’t actually been running this zone much of late. Sin finally got a decent shield out of Veksar and, while it’s not as nice as the one from OoA, it was nice enough we didn’t have to camp the zone every day.

So, on another note….SOE has got us. They’ve dragged us down to the murky depths of character boxing, punched us in the gut and said “YOU WILL GET ANOTHER ACCOUNT NOW”.

Evil bastards.

OK, maybe they aren’t evil. This whole refer a friend and get cool rewards including a cool mount pushed Sin and I over the edge of getting a third account though, I think. We’ve been talking about getting on for a while as we are both full of alts. Plus, I need a third account so I can teach mini-Castillion how to farm plat without him tying up my characters.

So, we may activate a new one tonight. I get to have all the cool stuff from the referral on my toons, and I guess Sin is going to gank all the cool stuff for her alts she will inevitably create on the third account.

So, I can’t gripe too much although she’ll definitely get the most out of the third account as she spends more time boxing than I do. At least maybe poor Saynt won’t be so abused when I’m at work. (right)

Although, damn it, I really want to play EVE too. I tried it once a long time ago but really didn’t give it the shot it deserved.

There’s just not enough hours in the day. I blame it on sleep. Sleep is too demanding of my time.


We really do like each other. February 11, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Guitar Hero, Second String.
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Pretty laid back night last night.

I got home and thought I’d play a gig or so on Guitar Hero to earn McMad and the Battleseekers enough money to buy the Tool gig. I ended up playing till my eyes were blurry and I couldn’t see the notes anymore.

I still can’t pass Schism on easy. I am rock-lite at best.

Since my eyes were burning, my fingers were cramping, and my heart was freshly broken with dying dreams of rockstardom, I logged into EQ2 where electric guitars don’t exist. SS was working on Scion of Ice with some pickup and alts, and asked me to come tank for em on Saynt. So, I strapped my shield on and headed over. It was a fun little run and we had a couple of non-SS guildies along with us. It’s always nice to break in fresh meat.

Afterwards, since it was late, we decided to log our mains on and blow the crucible up. We took:

Castillion – 80 Coercer
Sinnir – 80 Templar
Snappe – 80 Warlock
Anep – 80 SK
Erienne – 80 Wizard
Lorathim – 80 Brawler

We blasted through the zone pretty quickly as we’ve done this a lot. Although, we made it all kinds of new fun by seeing how often we could stun/stifle/manadrain Anep on the master, and Snappe and I tried to kill the group with AE’s when his reflect was up. I am not kidding, we really did try. Sinnir kept us all up though. Also, SK’s parse like shit when we are able to keep him stunned/stifled/out of mana. It was awesome.

We then headed up to the Codexicon. Now, I don’t know if you all know but he drops a totally awesome secondary item for casters. The Shard of the Codexicon. I have been lusting after this for months, but have never seen it drop.

Well it dropped. Grats Anep on your new ranged. It’s very tank-like. Jackass.

OK OK, I kid ;) I gave him such a hard time about it (all in jest) last night that I feel too bad to carry the joke on today. I had a whole spiel planned but I will give Anep a break.

Honest congrats to Anep, it really is a nice SK piece as well. We had talked about it way before it dropped and I told him I would expect him to roll on it against me as it’s a nice piece for both of us. Snappe really doesn’t deserve it, so we didn’t consider him.

Still, I had to give him a hard time :p I wonder if people who are new to grouping with us wonder if we like each other or not. We are very mean to each other, but we love it.  We laugh and laugh and make fun of each other and laugh some more.  It’s good times. Until they make fun of me, I mean.

Tonight I think we are headed into Tomb of the Mad Crusader, then I am going to rock out with Ozzy.