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I wasn’t talking about the ring. February 23, 2010

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OK. It’s been a week. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “What the FUCK Castillion? Where’s the fucking post? Have you even PLAYED the new expansion? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK MAN?”

First off, calm down.

Secondly, yes I have played a bit, although not as much as I would have liked. Work has kept me extremely busy and that’s a good thing as Sinnir is keeping us in the bills. It’s like she’s afraid we might run out or something. (I kid, I love you honey).

Here’s an update on Castillion then. I am currently level 86 with 205 AA. What do I think of the new expansion? Honestly, I haven’t seen much of it. The first few days, the lag was terrible. Spell lag of a few seconds just kills me (literally and figuratively). It was as bad as it was when TSO was released, it’s like SOE learned nothing from the TSO release. We got the typical response of “Well there’s so many people in the new zones, the zones can’t handle it.” Newsflash SOE, EQ2 has been out for 5 years, you have a good idea what the population of new zones is going to be, plan accordingly. You really can’t use the “we didn’t expect so many people” unless you are just releasing a new game. I know you guys like to use things from other games, but that excuse is really not something you can “borrow”.

That being said, I tried to do a few of the quests in Paineel, got annoyed and went and soloed Chelsith. It turned out Chelsith was pretty good XP at level 82.

We managed to get a semi-SS group together (me, Anep, Rhesus, Taylona, along with two guildies) and were one of the first in the guild to clear the Vasty Deep: Conservatory zone. It was a lot of fun and a pretty zone. We even killed the last named in there. Unfortunately nothing really interesting dropped. I then proceeded to fill Stormraven (PLP) in on the strats for the zone as he went in a few hours after us. He cleared the zone got 3 masters, an awesome fabled cloak and a cool as hell looking dagger. What a bitch. See if I tell you strats again asshole.

Friday night I was sick and didn’t feel like doing much really, I couldn’t even bring myself to raid, so I popped into Chelsith and soloed it again. Ding level 84.

Saturday I signed up for a p.u.g. for another one of the new zones in the hole Demitrik’s Bastion. It was an interesting zone but we didn’t finish the whole thing, it seems to be rather large. There was a cool SK boss flying around on a Pegasus. That was pretty awesome. Saturday night I had to work all night, so I was back in Chelsith soloing in between working periods. That finished out level 86 for me.

Sunday Sinnir wanted to celebrate all my overtime by going to the Mall of America, so I didn’t get any playtime in Sunday night as my typing hand was tired from opening and closing my wallet all day.

We raided last night, so I didn’t get any time in the new zones either. I just haven’t been able to explore them much. I should be able to get out and poke around a bit tonight. I plan on hitting level 90 by Sunday at the latest. That’s a reasonable goal I expect.

I’m not going to go into the gear and spell upgrades (or lack thereof) right now as I am just not sure what my upgrade path is going to be yet. I guess I will eventually fill out my expert spells so I can research the new masters, it’s just a little frustrating that the new expert teir expert level spells are worse than my previous teir masters. There’s not a lot of reason to upgrade. I also haven’t found a lot of reason to upgrade my gear, although I’ve seen an interesting piece here or there. I’ll write more about this though in a couple weeks when I’ve got more of an idea about the gear and have spent some time in the instances. Right now, I don’t understand the fact that none of the gear has any resists at all on it and why I’d want to wear the gear if it doesn’t have any resists. I just don’t get that.

Anyway, I’ll be out looking to group tonight, I hope to have  an intersting story about one of the new zones to talk about tomorrow.

Until then, keep it secret, keep it safe.


I will be one of the noobs asking how to zone into the new zones. February 16, 2010

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Here I am at work. Sinnir is at home happily exploring the new expansion, riding around on her new mount, sending me text messages telling me how cool everything is. What.The.Hell. I hope she enjoys rubbing it in my face because I get to play tonight while she’s at work and I will do the same thing. Ah, the joys of marriage and having a permanent person to poke fun at.

I promised an update today before I got home and logged into the expansion and forgot my blog exists, so let’s revisit my goals and my progress on them.

Goal Number One: Max Castillion’s Harvesting

This was the first goal I completed. It will probably end up being one of the more important goals now that new Adept 3 spells will be in demand and thusly pricey.

Goal Number Two: Get my XP bonus stuff in order

I actually did very well on this. I found some old bonus xp potions buried in Castillions bank. I have the vet reward item that allows me to refill my vitality to 100% once per week. I claimed about 4 LON xp potions before I realized that claiming them before I needed them was pretty stupid and I stopped claiming them. I also spent some time playing Legends of Norrath and won about 4 more xp potions and a potion that will refill my vitality. I probably have enough potions to get two characters to 90.

Goal Number Three: Earn 300 – 400 more plat.

This did not happen and all the plat I did earn I spent on adornments and shinies so I’m pretty much entering the expansion about 20 plat richer than I was when I made this list. It’s kind of a bummer because I wanted to gobble up all the coercer masters as soon as they hit the broker.

Goal Number Four: Finish off some Collections

This also went very well and I have about 40 collections ready to turn in.

Goal Number Five: Finish at least 10 quests and have them ready for turn in. (never gonna happen but it’s on the list).

I surprised myself on this goal. I finished about 10 solo quests that I had lingering around in my journal and yesterday Anep, Taylona, some other guildies and I ran about 10 shard quests so I have approximately 20 quests to turn in this evening.

Goal Number Six: Win the Lottery

Another surprise. I did win the lottery and am currently waiting on my yacht to be delivered and my mansion to be built.

All in All, Castillion is more prepared heading into this expansion than any of my toons have ever been. It’s kind of a nice feeling. However, personally I am the most unprepared for an expansion I have ever been. I have purposely not read a ton about the zones, I did not take advantage of my beta invite, and I really don’t have much of an idea what to expect beyond generalities and class AA (which I obviously HAD to know about ;) I think this was mostly due to my experience with Aion and researching so much about the game and playing so much in beta that by the time live launched was I completely over the pre-level 30 experience. I want some surprises and I want to be a little lost for a week or two.

It should be fun!

I miss my drinking buddies already. August 31, 2009

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and it sucks.

 Sasspanz and Anep are officially offline and out of EQ2 for a bit. Second String is kaput for now. The only regulars that are still logging on are me, Sinnir, Taylona and Elonias. We hardly ever hook up with Elonias though as he’s in a different guild and raids opposite nights of us. So, we’re down to half a group. We definitely miss Sassnep and hope they return soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been raiding and we’ve been grouping a lot with Stormraven on his alt and half his crew. It’s been a lot of fun, when I haven’t been swamped with work.

Friday I was able to catch the last hour or so of raid. It appeared we had a lot of new/casual raiders on the raid and they were really struggling with Thet-em-aua. I guess it happens and a lot of our core raiders were out. We did finally get him down though.

We grabbed Stormraven on his warlock after the raid and I tanked a few instances until we were all falling asleep at our desks. Saturday was more instance fun with Storm, Rhyanna and Enotirab along with SS.5. Taylona tanked and I brought along the chanter to help twink Storm’s warlock alt Ravenlaw.

I have a lot of fun with Storm and crew, but I do miss the drunken put downs that we participate in in Second String. SS, we like to see how mean we can be to each other and have a bunch of alcohol at the same time. It’s funner, and funnier, than it sounds. We’ll break the others in though ;)

Swapping to Aion…

Aion Open Beta is set to start Sunday. I’ve got my client downloaded and am ready to go! I definitely am itching to put in a little more beta time, but I think I will take it a little slower than Closed Beta so I don’t get Aion overload and burn myself out. I’ll probably play Elyos in the beta as I plan on playing Asmodian in live, so I want to save that half of the game.

I guess I am planning on playing Templar. Sin was originally planning on playing something other than a cleric, but she has (as I predicted :p) decided to return to her roots. That means I’ll probably play the tank as I usually do, for us to duo and for our static groups I hope. The concern I have is the same reason I am not playing a tank in EQ2. There’s just not room for tanks on raids in most EQ2 guilds. I am hoping that once we find a larger guild in Aion (as I am sure we will), that they have a spot for a Templar. I am fine with competing for that spot if need be, but often the tank roles are also some of the ranking guild members, so it’s hard to oust them, even if you might be better suited for the job. We’ll see how it goes. I expect a lot of people will burn out on tank well before they hit level cap. Tanking is not the easiest position, and it definitely will not be the most rewarding position in PvP. Being kited sucks :p

Anyway, hopefully my concerns will not be realized and we’ll find a nice home. It’s all conjecture at this point anyway really. We may have all of Second String or a more static crew than I anticipate us having and I’ll have to play some other class ;) We shall see.

Anyway, that’s all for today!

The Sounds of Silence August 4, 2009

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Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days. We’ve had a lot of stuff going on in the real and I’ve got a toothache from hell that is really stifling my creative flow. It’s not getting fixed until Friday, so expect me to be quieter here in the blog world, game world, and real world.

When you’re head feels like it’s going to explode, you just aren’t in the mood for anything but trying to hold it together ;)

That being said, there has been some new stuff going on with me game-wise.

We’ll start with EQ2. There’s nothing new with the game there. We’ve been raiding the same TSO zones. I didn’t get much Second String time in at all this weekend since Sass and Anep were gone and I was distracted with something not EQ2. I’ve been feeling a little boredom/burnout with EQ2. Nothing drastic that would drive me away from the game, just needing a little breather or something different to do a night or two a week.

Enter Aion. Yes, I broke down and bought the pre-order so I could play the beta. It was Sinnir’s idea! (I may have put a bug in her ear, but that’s neither here nor there). I’m really enjoying it much more than I anticipated. I don’t want to describe the entire game here because I am too busy fantasizing about knocking my tooth out with a sledgehammer, but here’s the official site where you can read all about it: Aion Online.

At level 10, there’s a quest for your character to ascend and get your wings. I played 2 characters up to level 10 this weekend, an Elyosian Warrior and an Azmodian Mage. I also started a priest for my third character but only got him to level 7 before the weekend was over.

My initial thoughts are, I really like the game. I currently plan on purchasing it and using it as my off-night, away-from-EQ2 game. There’s been a lot of blogs/posts about how Aion is just the same-old-same-old grindy MMORPG polished up to look pretty. I agree with that. Aion doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the table. There’s some neat new stuff, but for the most part it’s your standard Fantasy mmorpg EQ/EQ2/etc fare. I don’t care, that’s exactly the game I like to play and Aion is pretty pretty pretty. I like the combat. Ability chaining feels more involved than just mash mash mash. I like the classes that I’ve tried so far. The PVP aspect of the game looks interesting from the videos I’ve seen although I didn’t level high enough to try the PVP out myself. Flight is fun although I haven’t tried the Aerial combat either.

Aion is everything I expected it to be wrapped up in a graphics package that was more than I anticipated. The character customization choices are just out of this world. I don’t remember any aspect of my character that I couldn’t adjust. It was crazy.

All in all I enjoyed it enough to buy it, so I will be purchasing it upon release. I’ve never really played two MMORPG’s simultaneously before, but it would be nice to have something else to kick around on when I need a break from EQ2 and nothing else has caught my fancy yet.

I’m sorry if this post comes across as incoherent and if it seems I am jumping topics but I am not able to focus at the moment :p On the plus side I haven’t smashed my monitor and run screaming through a plate glass window hurtling to my death while trying to yank my tooth out before I hit the ground, so that’s a bonus.

Until tomorrow!

One mmorpg man. July 29, 2009

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When last we left our intrepid adventurer he had been raiding, had made references to bean bag shots, and was trying out LotRO. Let’s look in on his progress now….

First LotRO. I have nothing to say as I have not played it at all. So far, it has not really captured my attention. I haven’t given it a fair shake yet though. I try, I really do. I look at the icon on my desktop and think “Oh LotRO, you are so new and different to me. How I would love to click you. Would you be open to some clicking? I know you would, you dirty dirty little mmo. You want me to click you don’t you? I think I will…”


Sorry LotRO.

Back to EQ2 sigh.

Here’s my raiding update. There’s no update. We’ve killed the same shit. Kultak, Switchmaster, Thet. No new mobs yet, although we are finally going to put a full night of work in on Xebnok tonight hopefully. Xebnok, you’re going DOWN BITCH (don’t hurt me).

Second String has had some good times. Taylona got his berserker alt his mythical, he is like the 17th tank in SS to be myth’d. I kid, but all the dudes in SS do have a tank alt. The chicks don’t because we all know chicks can’t tank. Well Sass has a tank alt, but it’s a dude, so not sure where that fits into everything. So, we’ve made Tay tank a few shard zones on his zerk, we’ve also worked in a Varsoon kill or two, PR, SoH, some other stuff that I don’t remember. We’ve laughed a lot.

Friday night raid night we continued VP. It’s worth mentioning because I got to tank! Yes, we had an extremely weird raid makeup and were missing almost all of our tanks. Stormraven ended up MTing and I OT’d on the Pally. We cleared Nexona, Druushk and through Hoshkar. It’s was awesome! A really nice change of pace for me. I can’t believe how smoothly it went. It’s a very rare occasion that I get to play anything but the coercer on a raid, so I was stoked. In fact, we had to have like 5 tanks not show up for the raid for them to even remember I have a tank alt. I’m pretty sure they are asking the other tanks to retire right now after my awesome showing.

Speaking of VP (man all the segues today), we didn’t finish the zone as an official raid, but a bunch of us formed up last night to kill Phara Dar for the pants drop and Silverwing for a couple of our Illy alt mythicals. A shout out to Hugegnomecicles of our sister guild BLAVEK LOST THE GAME. Congratulations on your mythical, it was awesome seeing your name and guild tag broadcast to the entire server.

Outside of all that, I’ve managed to put a little work in on both Cilantro and Saynt. They’ve both got their TSO endlines now and are both geared decently well. I want to work on Cilantro a bit more before the expansion and I have 4 more AA to get on Castillion to be maxxed, so there’s that as well. I’ll fill ya in on all that as it happens.

Vaya con Cheetos.

The Legend of the Rent was Way Hardcore. July 23, 2009

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I am tired today and I blame my co-workers. I shall assplain shortly.

First the EQ2 meat and potatoes. We raided last night. We started off with Ykesha’s Inner Stronghold. One-pulled the Strange Stalker and one-pulled Kultak the Cruel. BAM! It was nice to see the progress and I picked up a nice new belt with 6 crit and some pet bonuses that was totally awesome until something I wanted more dropped later in the night, then I hated that fucking belt. PIECE OF CRAP. I kid of course. The belt is a really really nice piece (of crap. I hates it and will forever hold a grudge).

After YIS, we shot over to TotMC. The first 3 named dropped faster than yours truly after a shot to the beanbag. I remember when that snake used to give us grief. Man we were pansies back then. Not me though. Other people. The secondary/ranged item that I’ve been wanting, the +3 spell crit and +3 spell crit bonus one that drops from trash, that NEVER FUCKING DROPS UNTIL THE DAY I WON SOMETHING IN YIS FIRST, dropped. Did I mention my belt?

We put a few pulls in on Xebnok. We didn’t kill him but we made great progress, better than I expected. We didn’t get as many pulls in because a snafu we had with selling raid loot. Here’s a hint to all buyers of raid loot: when you win the bid, BE READY TO HEAD TO THE GODDAMN ZONE. Waiting until the chest timer is almost up before sending me a tell that you are outside the zone while we are all wanting to finish up a few extra pulls and having to wait on your ass will cost you the loot next time.

Now, the reason I am tired. A friend bought Sin and I a copy of Lord of the Rings Online. Of course you know I had to install it and try it out. I ended up making 3 characters on Elendilmir, a Lore Master, Guardian and Champion. It’s a fun little game but that, so far, seems much more laid back than EQ2. I really don’t know much about it as I haven’t even managed to get Castillion the Lore Master done with the newbie quests yet. It’s something we may mess around with now and again when we need a fix of ‘oh no we’re not hardcore’ (cue Jack Black).