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I said no green M&Ms. January 25, 2010

Posted by castillion in eq 2, Second String.
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I was wrong about this weekend in my last post. It ended up being a rather slow, albeit productive, weekend of gaming.

It started on Friday, and as I mentioned previously, it was my big comeback to raiding. What a comeback it was.

First, let me mention that I was actually put into the mage DPS group! This has not happened to me much for two reasons. One, before I took my short vacation from EQ2, I was the Main Tank coercer for hate transfer, etc. Two, I already parse pretty well as a Coercer and, again before I took my break, I was a notorious for drawing aggro, oftentimes even over my hate transfer on the main tank, so putting me in the DPS group just meant I spent more fights dead. Two, putting me in the mage group wasn’t as exciting as it could have been since, while I did have a troub and an illy and benefitted from the passive buffs, I also had a wizard and a conjuror that hogged up all the good buffs like Upbeat Tempo. I am such a prima-donna. I am never satisfied. On the other hand, don’t these people know who I am? I am Castillion. Any buffs available should be immediately cast upon me, unless I deem the buff unworthy of me, or I feel particularly generous and allow another to be buffed. It’s really not that difficult, is it?

The night itself was freaking awesome. We started in Tomb of the Mad Crusader, the zone was cleared up to Xebnok so we smushed him. The we popped over to Ykesha’s Inner Sanctum, killed the Strange Stalker and Kultak the Cruel. Then we headed to Palace of the Ancient One, killed Xythus Aransta/Xythus Davian, Switchmaster, Abstalius, Tythus, and Pentaclypse. Yes, 8 named encounters in one night. When I took my Aion break, we couldn’t kill Switchmaster regularly, much less 8 encounters in one night. It was kick ass and these guys have really come a long way and I was amazed and proud to be there.

I performed fairly well. I managed to stay in the top 3 on the zw parse in each zone and was even #1 zw for one of them. I may not be able to parse 20k like our raid wizard, but I’m consistent damn it and if you slip up or goof off on a mob or two, I’m gonna pass your ass on the parse. I spend the entire raid trying to do parse higher on the next mob than I did on the last. It keeps me awake ;) Hate/aggro seemed to be MUCH better and I only died to drawing aggro a time or two, although I did have myself linked since I wasn’t anyone’s transfer. It was a really enjoyable night.

I had typed a large paragraph here ranting about people who think that I focus too much on DPS as an enchanter and it somehow prevents me from fulfilling my support duties (this is a huge pet peeve of mine). I deleted it and may make a separate post about it someday.

I didn’t win any loot, although a couple of pieces I wanted did drop. I didn’t mention, but while I was gone, CD switched over to a DKP system. Any long-time reader of this blog knows how much I have lobbied for them to switch to a DKP system, so I am very happy with this change. Unfortunately, since I haven’t raided since they implemented it, I wasn’t able to be competitive on loot bidding. This is exactly how this system is supposed to work and I’m glad to see it in place. I know I would have been a little upset if the roles were reversed and I, as a new coercer in the guild, had been raiding 3 months solid helping the guild progress, and then some old fucker I didn’t even know logged back in and came to one raid and beat me out of loot (in fact, that has happened to me). I like DKP because it rewards people who contribute the most first. People, like me, who don’t raid as often anymore, will still eventually be able to get the loot we want after the more hardcore raiders have it and there’s not as much competition for a given piece. It’s a more fair system and I’m glad to see it in place.

Saturday night Second String had planned on taking a group into VP to kill Hoshkar for Graybone’s final mythical update. Stormraven was kind enough to offer up an instance he had that had most of the trash already cleared, and he and his group offered to come along to help. We eventually ended up with 3 groups and Hoshkar wasn’t an issue at all. Graybone finished his quest and got his defiler mythical. Congratulations again Graybone! I hope to god it helps you be a better healer.

We had planned on grouping a couple of other raid zones after VP, but Sinnir’s video card had different plans and it was obviously wearing the pants that night because when it had its fit, we stopped playing.

Sunday was spent shopping for a new video card, installing it and then watching football. The Vikes lost and I don’t want to talk about it. I had planned on maybe working on Castillion’s expansion goals a little bit afterwards, but everyone wanted to play alts so I caved and then I eventually made a new wizard alt so one day I might be able to DPS like a real boy.

I’m really not sure what is on the agenda for this week, but I’m planning on it being pretty low-key and I’ll hopefully to get a few more of my pre-expansion goals for Castillion knocked out. I’ll let ya know how that works out for me.